More than 100 years of history (inscription at Local Chamber of Commerce dates back to 1898 ) details the inception, the achievements, the high points for which we cheer, the disappointments from which we hope we learn and the commitment to the success of the Company.

During these years we have progressively improved and increased our production to offer a complete range of accessories for fire-fighting fixed installation such as hose reels and cabinets articulated across different styles (from cheapest version to the top of the line design by Giugiaro), pillar and underground hydrants, nozzles, valves and couplings following different national standards, flow measurement device.

With our design & tooling technology we can meet special requirements of our customers. We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of the international market, having formed partnerships all over the world and achieving the prestigious ISO 9000 certificate through consistent high quality.

We are, nevertheless, always ready to invest in research, more efficient production methods and quality control to improve our service and introduce new products onto the market to meet the needs of all customers.