Landing valves

made in italy

With more than 100 years manufacturing history, we can provide you the best accurate and advanced landing valves (or fire valve).

All landing valves are MADE COMPLETELY IN ITALY and with automatic machines.
This minimizes human error while still keeping the landing valves you would be using up to the mark at international standards.
As leader company in the fixed fire fighting equipments we can easily meet any your requirement for quality products.
Check out our range of landing valves and find the fire fighting landing valve that you feel is best for your specific requirements and needs:

American National
Standard NH thread

fire valve nst

British Standards
Instantaneous BS 336

art 143

French Standards
Symeetrique Auto-Etanches

fire valve dsp

German Standards System Storz
art 41

Italian standards
UNI thread

fire valve uni

Russian standards

Valve russian

A fire fighting landing valve is a core part of the hose system that acts as a manual stop valve giving you complete control over your fire fighting system.
By rotating the landing valve handle anti-clockwise, you can simply activate the water flux in the fire fighting system.
You can benefit from our top notch and non stop supply of the landing valve with many different connectors (including but not limited to).

Our company’s top priority is satisfying your needs and even above that, your safety. Keeping all our standards intact, we yet focus on keeping these priorities of our customers in mind at every step of the manufacturing process of the landing valve. And this is not limited to just the production itself, it also encompass the continuous improvement processes that we employ to make our landing valves, and products in general, better and safer. To create such products for you, we take a technical approach to ensure safety at every step of the way.

We take our customers’ safety very seriously and have a policy of giving FREE of cost quotations to you for your safety equipment.

Do not think twice and tell us your requirements right away and our professional will get back to you in no time to cater for all your queries and give you a quotation.

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